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Get ready to protect your hands and enhance your boxing game with our top picks in hand wraps! In this article, we provide a comprehensive review of the best hand wraps currently on the market, ensuring your knuckles stay safe and your punches stay powerful. From traditional cotton wraps to innovative, tech-infused options, our roundup dives into the features and benefits of each hand wrap on the list. So, let’s suit up and get ready for some intense action!

The Top 10 Best Hand Wraps

  1. Everlast FlexCool Hand Wraps — Boxing Hand Protection — Everlast’s FlexCool Hand Wraps provide superior breathability, protection, and versatility, making them the perfect choice for boxing enthusiasts and impact sports practitioners looking to elevate their training.
  2. Everlast Evergel Medium Hand Wraps — Boxing Accessory — Everlast Pink Evergel Medium Hand Wraps offer a secure and comfortable fit, superior wrist support, and reduced impact on knuckles, while providing durability and saving time at the gym.
  3. FISTRAGE Adult Boxing Hand Wraps — Blue, Small/Medium Size — FISTRAGE Boxing Hand Wraps deliver comfortable protection and enhanced grip for both beginners and professionals, with a customizable design that fits seamlessly under training gloves for a perfect fit during indoor and outdoor activities.
  4. Premium Boxing Hand Wraps with Compressive Velpeau Material — Experience unmatched performance and style with the Onward Premium 180-inch boxing hand wrap, featuring advanced Velpeau bandage material and a low-profile hook and loop closure for ultimate comfort and protection.
  5. Performance Mexican-Style Hand Wraps for Boxing and Martial Arts — Experience unbeatable comfort and support with Pro Impact’s Mexican Style Hand Wraps, expertly crafted for MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing enthusiasts of all levels.
  6. Classic 3.5m Leone Hand Wrap for Safe Training — Leone 1947 Hand Wrap Green offers an unbeatable blend of durability, stretch, and style, perfect for boxers looking to protect their hands and ankles during intense training.
  7. Hayabusa Gel Hand Wraps for Powerful Punching — Experience quick, secure, and comfortable boxing hand wraps with Hayabusa’s Quick Gel Hand Wraps, featuring hybrid gel/foam padding, stretchy wrist support, and ultra-soft and breathable fabric.
  8. MoneyFyte Quick Gel MMA & Kickboxing Hand Wrap — Protect your hands and enhance your boxing or kickboxing performance with the quick and secure MoneyFyte Red/S/M Quick Gel Hand Wrap, designed explicitly for MMA and kickboxing enthusiasts of all genders.
  9. WYOX Padded Inner Gloves for Boxing: Enhanced Protection & Comfort — Stay safe and protected in the ring with WYOX’s Inner Fighting Boxing Gloves, offering maximum wrist comfort, superior grip, and ultimate injury prevention for all contact sports enthusiasts.
  10. Defy Professional 180 Inch Boxing Hand Wraps — Defy Professional 180-inch Hand Wraps: Extra thick, elastic, and versatile, perfect for pros and amateurs in various martial arts, featuring a secure thumb attachment and Velcro closure for optimal protection and ease of use.

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Everlast FlexCool Hand Wraps — Boxing Hand Protection

Everlast FlexCool Hand Wraps - Boxing Hand Protection | Image

Everlast’s FlexCool Hand Wraps have been my reliable sidekick during my intense boxing sessions. These hand wraps are a game-changer, as they’re crafted with FlexCool technology that allows the fabric to stretch and flex, providing unparalleled breathability and support for my hands.

The nylon and polyester material may not be the fanciest, but it sure does its job. It’s been through countless heavy bag workouts, Mitt workouts, and sparring sessions without showing signs of wear. The grey color adds a touch of sophistication, making it stand out among my other boxing gear.

The hand wraps are 180 inches long, ensuring complete coverage of my wrist, knuckles, and fingers. The ventilated design allows for increased air flow, keeping my hands cool and dry even after a rigorous workout. After each use, these hand wraps can be easily washed and are ready for my next session.

While Everlast’s hand wraps are perfect for boxing, they’ve also come in handy during martial arts and speed bag workouts. Their flexibility and protection during impact sports have made them an essential part of my training gear.

Everlast Evergel Medium Hand Wraps — Boxing Accessory

Everlast Evergel Medium Hand Wraps - Boxing Accessory | Image

I recently tried out the Everlast Pink Evergel Medium Hand Wraps, and I must say, they’ve become my go-to for my boxing training sessions. The gel cushion across the knuckles offers just the right amount of protection, and the adjustable wrist strap provides a customizable fit that ensures superior wrist support.

The lightweight nature of the wraps makes them feel almost as comfortable as a traditional handwrap, while the elastic straps offer anatomical support along my hands and wrists. It’s even machine-washable for added convenience, and it saves me a lot of time at the gym.

However, I did notice that the wraps are a bit tight, so I recommend sizing up for the best fit. Overall, I highly recommend these wraps for anyone looking to add a bit of extra protection and comfort to their boxing routine.

FISTRAGE Adult Boxing Hand Wraps — Blue, Small/Medium Size

FISTRAGE Adult Boxing Hand Wraps - Blue, Small/Medium Size | Image

The FISTRAGE Boxing Hand Wraps are a stylish choice for boxing enthusiasts, featuring a sleek and supportive design. The outer weave of elastic fiber woven polyester makes for comfortable wear during training sessions, and the long-lasting sticking Velcro closing ensures that your wrist stays securely wrapped.

FISTRAGE’s hand wraps are versatile, accommodating a range of activities like Muay Thai, MMA, and speedball grappling sessions. The Gel Padded Inner Glove offers optimal protection for your knuckles and wrists, making them suitable for beginners and experienced fighters alike.

Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes, these hand wraps offer versatility for all boxing enthusiasts.

Premium Boxing Hand Wraps with Compressive Velpeau Material

Premium Boxing Hand Wraps with Compressive Velpeau Material | Image

The Onward Premium Boxing Hand Wrap offers a stunning design and top-notch stitching that is perfect for combat fighters and committed athletes. Crafted from superior compressive Velpeau bandage material, these hand wraps are designed for optimum performance and versatility, providing enhanced comfort and style in the ring.

With a low-profile hook and loop closure, these hand wraps ensure a snug fit and are available in multiple color options.

Performance Mexican-Style Hand Wraps for Boxing and Martial Arts

Performance Mexican-Style Hand Wraps for Boxing and Martial Arts | Image

I’ve been using these Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps for a while now, and I must say, they’ve been a game-changer in my workouts. The quality construction is evident, as the wraps hold up really well to frequent use. I appreciate the elasticity that provides both comfort and the right amount of support. They’re also quite easy to care for, as they can be machine washed.

One thing that stood out is the snug fit — thanks to the oversized hook-and-loop closure and strong thumb loop. Speaking of versatility, these hand wraps are perfect for a wide range of combat sports, not just boxing. They provide the needed protection and allow for a better overall workout experience. Lastly, it’s amazing to have so many color options to choose from, making it a great fit for all personalities. All in all, I highly recommend the Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps for anyone looking to elevate their workout routine.

Classic 3.5m Leone Hand Wrap for Safe Training

Classic 3.5m Leone Hand Wrap for Safe Training | Image

In my quest for quality boxing hand wraps, I found myself trying the Leone 1947 Hand Wrap Green. These bandages might be my go-to for boxing and training, thanks to their semi-stretchy nature and ability to custom fit, protecting my hands and ankles as I spar or workout. The thumb loop and Velcro closure make them super convenient to use, and the cotton-nylon blend feels comfortable on my skin.

Of course, no product is perfect, but I’ve been enjoying these Leone hand wraps so much, I hardly notice the cons.

Hayabusa Gel Hand Wraps for Powerful Punching

Hayabusa Gel Hand Wraps for Powerful Punching | Image

The Hayabusa Quick Gel Hand Wraps offer a convenient and secure way to safeguard your hands during boxing sessions. These black, large hand wraps slide onto your hand effortlessly and are designed with gel/foam padding to shield your knuckles, providing a soft yet snug fit.

The perfect stretch wrist wrap delivers reliable support, making them great for training sessions or bouts. Additionally, these wraps boast ultra-soft polyester fabric that’s breathable and feels smooth to the touch, ensuring maximum comfort. They feature over-lock stitching for added durability, ensuring your purchase can withstand the rigors of boxing.

MoneyFyte Quick Gel MMA & Kickboxing Hand Wrap

MoneyFyte Quick Gel MMA & Kickboxing Hand Wrap | Image

As a boxing enthusiast, I was intrigued by the MoneyFyte quick gel boxing hand wraps. They have a sleek and stylish design, and as they come in a variety of colors, it’s easy to find one that suits your taste. Upon trying them on, I quickly realized how comfortable they are. The quick gel material ensures that they securely and snugly wrap around your hand, without causing any discomfort or slipping.

The hand wraps are easy to use, especially if you’re someone who often struggles with the traditional cloth hand wraps. The hook and loop closure makes it a breeze to wrap and secure your hand — no more struggling to tie knots! Additionally, the ambidextrous hand orientation allows them to be used by both left and right-handed fighters.

As they are designed in Canada, it’s great to see a product with an international appeal and versatile enough for men, women, and children. However, one drawback I found was the limited size range offered. These hand wraps are only available in a small and medium size, which might disappoint users looking for a larger size.

In conclusion, the MoneyFyte quick gel boxing hand wraps are a convenient, comfortable, and stylish addition to any boxer’s or martial artist’s gear. Despite the limited size range, they are a great choice for securing your hand and ensuring perfect technique during training and competitions.

WYOX Padded Inner Gloves for Boxing: Enhanced Protection & Comfort

WYOX Padded Inner Gloves for Boxing: Enhanced Protection & Comfort | Image

I can’t help but share my experience with these Wyox Padded Inner Gloves Training Gel Hand Wraps. As someone who’s dabbled in a few contact sports over the years, I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated the added safety and comfort these gloves provide. One of the first things that struck me was just how snug and seamless the fit was, which allowed for a more natural movement during sparring sessions or training.

The neoprene knuckle shield was another highlight — it truly offers max protection and comfort, giving my hands more than enough cushioning against the impact when I was punching a heavy bag or sparring with a partner. The elasticized wrap for the gloves was a game-changer too, providing a snug fit that didn’t squeeze too tight, but at the same time, ensured I felt well-supported throughout my sessions — no more sore wrists after a hard day of training!

On the downside, I did find that the hooks and loops sometimes snagged on my gear or training partners, which took a bit of getting used to. Also, the gloves aren’t the most breathable, which can leave your hands feeling a tad clammy in more intense training sessions. Despite these minor issues, the comfort and protection these gloves provide have made them a staple in my kit. If you’re serious about boxing or other contact sports, I highly recommend giving these Wyox Inner Fighting Boxing Gloves a try.

Defy Professional 180 Inch Boxing Hand Wraps

Defy Professional 180 Inch Boxing Hand Wraps | Image

I recently tried out the Defy Professional 180-inch Hand Wraps for Boxing Muay Thai MMA Elastic Bandages, and I was surprised by how comfortable they were compared to regular cotton bandages. These hand wraps are perfect for professionals or amateurs getting into various martial arts — they’re ideal for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or mixed martial arts. The extra-thick woven material provides even better protection than regular bandages, which is perfect for exceptional athletes like me.

The 180-inch length is just right for snug wrapping around the knuckle areas, wrists, and hands, providing that extra layer of support to protect serious injuries. These hand wraps are crafted with a comfortable polyester composition that not only feels secure but is also breathable and fast-drying.

One of the great features of these Defy Hand Wraps is the thumb attachment and Velcro fastening (hook & loop closure), making them even easier to wear during spar training or everyday training sessions. The thumb attachment ensures that your hand wraps don’t come undone during intense fights, providing you with that much-needed sparring partner in your corner.

Overall, I highly recommend these Defy Professional Hand Wraps for any martial artist looking for extra protection and comfort during their training sessions or competitions. They’re durable, versatile, and perfect for anyone who’s getting serious about their martial arts training.

Buyer’s Guide

Hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for boxers and other combat sports practitioners. They protect your hands, wrists, and fingers from injury and enhance your punching power. However, choosing the right hand wraps can be challenging due to the variety of materials, sizes, and styles available on the market. In this buyer’s guide, we will explore the key features to consider when selecting hand wraps and provide general advice for ensuring optimal performance and protection.



The material of your hand wraps plays a significant role in their durability, comfort, and effectiveness. The primary materials used for hand wraps are cotton, microfiber, and leather. Cotton is a classic choice, offering breathability and comfort. Microfiber and leather are more durable and provide better support, but may be less breathable.


The size of your hand wraps is crucial for ensuring proper hand protection and comfort during training or competition. Measure the circumference of your hand, starting from the middle finger and wrapping around the wrist. This measurement will give you an idea of the size you need. Most brands offer different sizes, so select one that fits your hand snugly without causing discomfort or restricting your movement.



Hand wraps come in various types, including basic, training, and competition. Basic hand wraps are suitable for beginners and casual users, providing a basic level of protection and support. Training hand wraps offer more padding and support, ideal for heavy training sessions and sparring. Competition hand wraps are designed for professional fights, offering the highest level of protection and support.


The way your hand wraps secure your hands is essential for their effectiveness. Most hand wraps use hooks or loops to fasten the ends. Make sure the fastening method is secure and easy to use, so you can quickly and safely put on and remove your hand wraps. Consider using a locking loop for added security during intense training or competition.



What are hand wraps used for?

Hand wraps are designed to protect the knuckles, wrists, and hands of the wearer during various activities such as boxing, punching, and other sports or activities that involve physical impact. They help absorb impact, reduce the risk of injury, and improve the overall performance of the user by providing additional support and grip.

There are different types of hand wraps, including cotton, vinyl, and leather, catering to various needs and preferences. Selecting the right type of hand wrap can enhance the user’s performance and comfort during their chosen activities. Choose a hand wrap that offers the desired level of cushioning, support, and breathability for best results.


What should I look for when choosing hand wraps?

When choosing hand wraps, consider factors such as material, length, thickness, and design. The material should be durable, comfortable, and provide enough cushioning to absorb impact. Cotton, vinyl, and leather are common materials used for hand wraps. Select a length that is comfortable for your wrapping technique or training regime, as shorter wraps may require additional effort to secure.

The thickness of the hand wrap should be appropriate for the intensity and frequency of your activities. Thick wraps provide better protection but may be less comfortable for prolonged use. Finally, choose a design that complements your style and enhances your grip during training or competitions. Look for hand wraps with grippy surfaces or textures that help your hands retain grip and prevent slipping during intense activities.

Are hand wraps necessary for boxing or other physical activities?

While hand wraps are not mandatory for all individuals participating in boxing or other physical activities, they can provide significant benefits in protecting your hands and wrists from injury and enhancing your overall performance. The use of hand wraps can help: reduce the risk of serious injuries caused by repetitive impact, such as sprains, fractures, or bruises; improve your boxing or striking technique by providing better support and control, ultimately leading to more powerful punches and improved accuracy.

It is essential to choose the right hand wrap for your specific needs and preferences. By researching and selecting a high-quality set of hand wraps, you can ensure that your hands stay protected and healthy during high-intensity training or competition sessions. Professional athletes and trainers often recommend using hand wraps to promote long-term hand health and performance.


What is the difference between different types of hand wraps?

The primary differences between different types of hand wraps lie in their materials, length, and thickness. Cotton hand wraps are popular due to their softness and breathability, which makes them comfortable during long training sessions. Vinyl hand wraps offer a high level of durability and resistance to wear and tear, while leather hand wraps provide excellent protection and support for high-impact activities.

The length of the hand wraps also varies, with short wraps typically providing better support for hooking and straight punches, while longer wraps offer more complete protection, including the wrist and forearm. The thickness of the hand wraps also plays a significant role in their ability to absorb impact, with thicker wraps providing more cushioning and support. Individual preferences play a crucial role in choosing the right type of hand wrap, as each offers distinct advantages depending on the wearer’s needs and activity level.

Are hand wraps easy to put on and take off?

Hand wraps can be relatively easy to put on if you follow the proper technique, but it may take some practice before you get comfortable with the process. Begin by wrapping the thumb in a circular motion, using a single loop or double loop, depending on your preference. Then, proceed to wrap the rest of the hand, folding the wraps around the fingers and palm, ensuring tightness without being too restrictive. Finish the wrap by securing a knot with the end of the wrap around the wrist or ankle, depending on the type of wrap.

Taking off hand wraps is a process that involves uncoiling the wraps in the reverse order of the wrapping process. To remove the wraps, start at the wrist or ankle, holding the end of the wrap, and gently slide the wraps off while maintaining control over the unraveling strands. With practice, you will find it easier to put on and take off hand wraps in a timely and efficient manner.

Can hand wraps be reused or washed?

Yes, hand wraps can be reused and washed, depending on the material. Cotton hand wraps are machine-washable or can be hand-washed using warm water and a mild detergent. Allow the wraps to air dry after washing to maintain their quality and longevity. Vinyl and leather hand wraps typically require hand-washing with warm water and a gentle detergent, followed by air drying.

It is essential not to machine wash vinyl or leather hand wraps, as this may cause the material to degrade or lose its protective qualities. Instead, opt for a gentle hand-washing method to preserve the integrity of these materials. Regular cleaning will help prolong the lifespan of your hand wraps and maintain their effectiveness in protecting your hands and wrists during physical activities.

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